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Hydraulic Power Packs – for the most Demanding Applications

Our experience and knowledge of designing and manufacturing hydraulic power packs, has allowed us to master any individual and technical challenges that may be encountered. The efficiency of the power packs is our main goal. Our power packs are available for highly specialized and the most demanding industrial applications.

Areas of application

MHW hydraulic power packs are used, among other things, in:

  • Car lifts
  • Lifting systems
  • Forklifts
  • Dump trucks
  • Ambulance beds
  • Liftgates
  • Winches
  • Scissor lifts
  • Dock levellers

Some of our products

Our products

In close cooperation with our customer, we develop power packs according to their technical and dimensional specifications in direct or alternating current constructions for mobile or stationary applications like liftgates, forklifts, ambulance vehicles, assembly and service lifting tables and lifting platforms. Also available for the medical and food industry, waste industry and specialized projects in the aviation and maritime area.

Our key goal is a clear design in which the components are efficiently located, easily, adjustable as well as conveniently accessible for maintenance.

Control blocks and oil tanks are always manufactured out of high strength Aluminum alloys.

The power packs are electrically wired ready for operation, set to the specified operating pressures and all functions are tested. For in-service, only the hydraulic hoses must be connected with the cylinders and the power supply between battery (or shore power) and power unit must be established.

Below you can see a small selection of our hydraulic power packs. 

Direct current


for use in wheelchair lifts


for controlling single-acting cylinders in mobile areas


for use in hospital beds

Alternating current


for folding wedge ramps


for feed ramps

Boxed power packs


DC power pack for tail lifts


DC – box genset for tail lifts


AC box-type power pack for driving single-acting cylinders in stationary areas

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