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Our micro valves were developed for mobile and stationary applications. The biggest advantage of our valves is the absolute accuracy – i.e. 0 % leakage. Internal leakage of three to five drops is considered the acceptable standard on the market – this is NOT the case with MHW valves. Therefore, no pressure loss in hydraulic circuits can occur that potentially could cause unintentional sinking of loads on cranes, liftgates and hoists. We guarantee 100% quality assurance through complete testing of the valves.

The cartridge valves operate with pressures up to 300 bar at a maximum flow rate of 10 l/min.

We cover the entire range of 2/2 and 3/2-way valves, as well as 4/2 and 4/3-way valves.

The valves are supplied ready for installation and are suitable for all hydraulic applications.

This graph shows the pressure development (red) of an MHW-C-10-FPS (2/2-way valve) as a function of temperature (white). The pressure in the test cylinder increases as the temperature rises. The changes over the course of the test indicate the absolute tightness.

The MHW MICRO valves in size 0

In units for mobile hydraulics (e.g. for Medical Technology), oversized cartridge valves of size 1 are usually used because there is no alternative on the market with the required flow rate up to 6 l/min.

To meet the demands of mobile hydraulics, the MICRO valve supports the desired flow rates combined with impressive working pressure that makes these suitable for the most compact designs.

The small valve dimensions allow optimized valve blocks or direct installation in pumps and cylinders.
Clean, filtered hydraulic oil is a basic requirement for the smooth operation of all valves and hydraulic units.

Cartridge Valves


  • BG0: 1/2″-20 UNF, 6 L/min
  • BG1: 3/4″-16 UNF, 12 L/min
  • BG2: 7/8″-14 UNF, 25 L/min
  • BG3: 1  1/16″-12 UNF, 100 L/min
  • Metric: M20x1.5, 12 L/min


  • Manual override
  • With filter (100 or 200 µ)
  • Different O-Ring materials on request
  • Protection class IP65 or IP67 (installed valve incl. coil)


  • 12, 24, 48 V DC with cable, flying leads or DIN-Connector
  • 90, 180, 198, 216 V AC with rectifier in DIN-Connector (25 Watt)
  • 230 V DC with rectifier in coil, DIN-Connector
  • Other voltages and power values on request

Standard Valves

We offer a wide range of products:

  • Starting valves
  • Suction valves
  • Pressure reducing valves
  • Pressure relief valves (safety valves)
  • Pressure switches
  • Adjustable throttle valves
  • Flow switch valves
  • Load independent flow control valves
  • Check valves
  • Sequence valves
  • Accumulator charging valves
  • Flow control valves
  • Shuttle valves

Mechanically adjustable hose burst valves

Our MHW-MRBV hose burst valve is integrated into the pipe fitting. If a change of the valve setting is required due to changed oil viscosity (e.g. decreasing or increasing temperature), it is easily accessible from both sides and can be adjusted without special tools. This valve fits into any standard fitting (straight, angled or other). It is sealed be a cone-shaped surface and is therefore absolutely leak proof. The bores and thread lengths are designed to be significantly shorter and therefore cylinder dimensions are reduced, which results in lighter weight .
  • G1/4″
  • G9/16″
  • G3/8″
  • G1/2″
  • M18x1,5
  • M22x1,5
  • furhter sizes can be requested

Sealing types:

  • Eolastic
  • Cutting edge
  • O-Ring (various materials on request)

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