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Hydraulic Control Blocks - the heart of every hydraulic unit

We create space-saving, highly efficient and  extremely lightweight control blocks from aluminum alloys. Like our pressure switches, cylinders and oil tanks, these are made of special aluminum alloys. Additionally, our corrosion resistant, homogeneous surface coatings prevent hairline cracks and aging processes.

The size is based on required installation dimensions, functions and pressures. In special applications, the low weight – only 1/3 compared to steel products – is a definite advantage.

Some of our hydraulic control blocks

Further information

The hydraulic control blocks are manufactured for a large variety of hydraulic circuits, fitted with leak-proof, perfectly matched valves, that are thoroughly tested, pressure-adjusted and delivered ready for installation. Test records are provided upon request. In the case of plain control blocks, the bores are sealed to prevent contamination during transport and storage.

Customer logos, circuit diagrams or connection designations can be milled into the control block upon request.

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